Now available on Amazon: the English version of my book Using .NET to Program Plug-ins for AutoCAD! This book is up to date to AutoCAD 2025 and replaces my book Start Programming in .NET for AutoCAD. The 2025 version of AutoCAD uses a new .NET version which is quite different from prior versions. This new book makes it easy for you to apply the latest programming techniques.

Using .NET to Program Plug-ins for AutoCAD is the go-to guide to programming for AutoCAD. This fast-paced, thorough introduction to programming with C# will have you developing AutoCAD plug-ins, solving practical problems, and making things work in no time. No prior experience necessary.

In this book you’ll learn programming concepts such as object-oriented programming, proper coding standards, and coding in Visual Studio. The chapters in this book are filled with robust examples and projects to get you building applications immediately. You’ll begin by building several simple functions and then move into building a complete and robust application. This example application will allow users to manage geometric areas such as parcels or office spaces and provide a data connection between AutoCAD and Excel.

If you have been thinking about digging into programming for AutoCAD, Using .NET to Program Plug-ins for AutoCAD will get you creating real plug-ins fast. Why wait any longer? Let’s get coding!

Altijd al plug-ins willen maken voor AutoCAD? Dan is dit het boek dat je nodig hebt om dat te leren. Het helpt je om plug-ins te ontwikkelen in de .NET taal C# met behulp van Visual Studio.

This book is only available in English.